We're commited to safety, equality, and free expression.

We reflect the power of Swirge through civic engagement, volunteering, and charitable partnerships.

Internet safety and education

We support organisations that tackle online safety issues such as bullying, abuse, gender-based harassment, and hateful conduct. We also partner with organisations to promote media literacy and digital citizenship for youth. Learn More.

Freedom of expression and civil liberties

We support organisations that defend and advance internet rights and freedom of expression. These partner organisations include human rights defenders, journalism NGOs, civil liberties advocates and other public interest groups. Learn More.

Universal access and adoption

We believe that all communities should have affordable access to the internet. That’s why we work closely with NGOs and charities around the world to enable them to share their mission on Swirge and to showcase the benefits of internet access through the compelling work these NGOs do in their communities. Learn More.


We support equality and universal acceptance for all people. As part of this commitment we work with organisations to ensure equal opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and computer science programmes for women and under-represented minorities of all ages. Learn More.

Emergency response and disaster recovery

We are active global citizens. When emergencies or natural disasters strike, we offer tools and programmes that support communication between victims, first responders, and humanitarian relief efforts. Learn More.